A downloadable game for Windows

This was a prototype I built in Gamemaker:Studio, which has game-play similar to the Hungry Hungry Hippos game, but in this case you are Chameleons trying to catch the most flies. There are power-ups that will increase your tongue speed or increase how many flies you can catch at once. Also there are bees to avoid as they will paralyze your tongue for a couple seconds.

It seemed like a great idea on paper, but as people played it, it didn't seem all that fun. So I shelved the idea.

The game is for 1-4 players (One player mode was going to be a beat the clock mode, but it was never implemented). It's best to use gamepad/controllers but it also supports joint keyboard play (which gets crazy with four players).


ChameleonChowDown.exe 17 MB


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FYI, I played this on my weekly random-free-Itch-game show: https://youtu.be/j984nN0V3VI

Thanks for the play, Yahweasel! 

I posted this game as part of the "Bring Out Your Dead!" game jam, where people posted a bunch of their "abandoned" game projects. So yeah this is definitely not a "finished" game.  Hope that music didn't get you flagged.  Thanks again for playing it!

I don't really expect any of the games in my random game series to be finished, that's sort of the joy of it :)

(The music didn't get a copyright claim, no. Hopefully it stays that way ;) )


Pretty cool prototype. I could see 4 player being pretty fun! I just did the 1 player and beat the level- not super engaging by yourself. Maybe I will play again later with my son when it can be competitive :)